Monday, 13 June 2011

Upcoming Technology Events

Since going live last year, LMAX technologists have been attending and presenting at a number of events.  We've decided to write a weekly blog post summarising what's on the horizon to give people more of an opportunity to attend - after all, we want you guys to come and see us.

The calendar is fairly fluid, and sometimes confirmation doesn't arrive until the last minute, so things may change week by week.  However, a regular update will at least give some visibility over what's in the pipeline.

22nd June, 4pmUltra High Performance Risk Management: Informatica Webinar Featuring Martin Thompson, CTO, LMAX.

5th October - TradeTech Architecture.  Martin Thompson, CTO, will be on one of the panels.

11th October - Goto Aarhus.  Martin Thompson (CTO) and Dave Farley (Head of Software Development) will be presenting the LMAX Disruptor pattern: "100K transactions per second at less than 1ms latency".

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